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Monday  9.30-6.00

Tuesday 9.30-6.00

Wednesday 9.30-8

Thursday 9.30-8

Friday 9.30-7.30

Saturday 9.00-5.30

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26-28 Faulkner St, Hoole, Chester CH2 3BD

Phone: 01244 344419

  • Sean


    Sean has been hairdressing since the age of 14 and is the winner of numerous awards Including young national hairdresser of the year award , achieved at the age of 20,

    He has won the L’oreal Colour Trophy on multiple occasions, Schwarzkopf Colour Trophy Winner, North Wales Trophy winner and more.  He has also featured in the national/international press for his work including Hello! Vogue and GQ magazines.


  • Ben


    Multiple L'oreal Colour Trophy winner, Schwarzkopf Colour Trophy winner, North Wales trophy winner etc, Ben has also featured in the national/international press including Hello! Vogue and GQ magazines.

     ..charming, gregarious charismatic, empathetic..and just about any other big word you can think of!

      ..a thoroughly nice chap.

  • Jilly

    Guest Relations/Style Director

    Jilly has worked with Denton and Hyde for 18 years and has a wealth of experience. When asked why she stayed so long, after laughing.... alot,, her answer was, - the clients! I love my clients, its a fun atmosphere, and the owners Ben and Sean are my friends.

    Jilly can put her hand to everything and is unflappable, she loves Patrick Camerons effortless style to dress hair!!!

  • Andy

    Style Director

    A skilled colourist and stylist its hard to believe he has been hairdressing for 11 years. Andy is not afraid of a challenge, and goes the extra mile to get you the perfect result. He's down to earth and a charmer with a huge smile!!! Perfection is his way!!

  • Chris

    Artistic Director

    A witty and attentive member of the team that has a huge experience in hair and has been with Denton and Hyde for 10 years. Chris is passionate about all hair, cutting colouring and perming. He does it all and his style is mixed with glamour, style with precision and has an enviable repertoire..  along with a killer laugh!

  • Shelley

    Style Director

    Due a gold watch for her long time services to D&H, Shelley has worked her entire career with us!

    Winner of the L'Oreal Color Trophy, her work is something special, though not confined to colour. She is passionate about all hair!!

    Shelley likes a challenge and likes to keep her clients moving towards the next trend!!!!

  • Laura


    Laura is the smiler in the salon and always brings great energy to it.

    A neat style to her hairdressing, she pushes herself  creatively and in turn has built herself busy column.

    She wont be seen dead without a tan, long lashes and manicured nails.

    Laura brings the laughter and glamour to the D & H team.

  • Mark

    Artistic Director

    Mark has a loyal and superb following of clients and if you dont rebook you could be disappointed!!!

    He's passionate about technology that has a positive effect on the planet, so really you never know what your going to be chatting about in Marks chair,, and at the end.... amazing hair!!!

  • Steph

    Senior Stylist

    Mix boho and tom boy and you get Steph, her style is effortless and understated cool. She is fast with a hairdryer and a hairbrush and seems to attract alot of clients with alot of hair!!

    Steph is a huge talent with bridal hair and hair up...she makes the brides feel at ease with her confidant dos!!! A fantastic all rounder in the D&H team.

  • Sarah

    Colour Technician

    Sarah is one of our talented technicians,, shes the blonde bombshell,, with the dry sense of humour!

    She's always finding new ways to colour and create and she's passionate about colour and her clients,,Sarah loves learning new techniques and is a killer with a foil!!!! She has numerous fans who are loyal,,and has professional way around the salon and is valued team member of D&H.

  • Juniors

    Sian, Chloe, Lauren, Ruth

    Our up and coming hairdressers, who make the  D & H team flow beautifully..and make lovely Cappuccinos!!!

    They all are a true asset to our team.